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Sun Pile Foundations, Inc. is a national pile driving company with emphasis in pre-cast concrete pilings. We specialize in large, ground-breaking commercial projects and can mobilize anywhere in the continental United States.
Sun Pile Foundations Inc., formerly Sun Marine Maintenance Inc., is responsible for regional pile driving jobs for the Delmarva Peninsula. Sun Pile Foundations has been in the marine construction and pile driving business since 1974 and has extensive experience driving all types of piles, in all types of sub-surface conditions in both commercial and residential applications. Sun Pile Foundations can meet all of your timber, steel and concrete piling needs.
In 2009 Sun Pile Foundations, Inc. won the Pile Driving Contractors Association Project of the Year Award for work performed at Port Canaveral, FL tank farm. In 2011 we received our second Project of the Year Award for the Wallops Island, VA Rocket Launch complex project.