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Nothing says “family” like a beautifully rendered portrait that will be cherished for decades. Framed by gentle waves, sand dunes, sea oats, and the eastern sky, your family never looked happier or more beautiful in the fine art portraiture of David Koster, owner of Portraits in the Sand Photography. Portraits in the Sand produces high-quality, artfully-composed family photographs set against the beauty of the sea. Schooled in photography, David has the creative talent and skill to render artwork that conveys depth in the subjects and captures their personalities. Fresh, charming, even sometimes amusing, the photographs reveal the playfulness of a family, the relationships of cousins to one another, or the bond between a grandfather and his grandchild as they experience the beach together. His sizable portraiture is created to be displayed in your home, adding warmth and a personal touch to your décor. Like all good art, the photograph’s aesthetics and interesting composition will stir feelings and elicit responses for generations to come. With more than 20 years of experience and training, Master and Certified Professional Photographer David Koster creates family portraits that you will treasure for a lifetime.. But beyond his credentials, he has the patience, knowledge, confidence and training to capture the best images — the first time — all while working the sometimes challenging outdoor elements to his advantage. Services also include Photo Organization, Management , and Restoration.

Link to Services: https://www.memoriesinthesand.com/services.


Pets with Family
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Senior Portraits
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Family Reunions
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Family Reunions
Memory Maker
Fall Portraits
Fall Portraits
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Pet Portraits
Pet Portraits
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